New Jens Lekman Song, "Happiness Will Be My Revenge" with The Sweptaways

There's just something about Jens Lekman that we in Post-Rockistland can't get enough of.

"Happiness Will Be My Revenge" was written, recorded, and mixed by Jens, and can be found on The Sweptaways Show, from Sweden's The Sweptaways. The album consists of artists taking the vocal lead while The Sweptaways accompany with full female chorus. The album can be purchased on The Sweptaways KlickTrack page, which includes a short description of The Sweptaways as "thirty women in coordinated costumes who sing choir-arranged versions of pop tunes."


The track includes all of the classic Lekmanian elements we so dearly know and love: lovelorn confusion, the glorification of the kiss, a reluctance to get too emotional while simultaneously bursting with emotion, name-dropping himself, and a rhythm composed of several small percussion instruments. Added to the mix is a bit of Morrissey-like indignation: "And I hope that it hurts when you see me / like it hurts inside me right now, I guess / I've chosen not to love less."

It's a fantastic song, and I'm dying to listen to the B side of the 45 spinning on the turntable featured in this great still-shot video.

For a better look at The Sweptaways, check out this video for "They Don't Know About Us" with Moneybrother.

Golly, why is so much good music coming out of Sweden these days!? John Darnielle, you should've given Sweden more of a benefit of the doubt when you wrote all those nasty things about it in the liner notes of your Sweden album.