Abel Tesfaye project

Toronto very own Abel Tesfaye and his project, The Weeknd, appeared out of nowhere a couple of months back and took the world by storm. well not really as it went pretty much under the radar, but it is heavily promoted by another Toronto native that goes by the name of Drake, so expect him to go big. Rumours goes that the creative mind behind most of the music of The Weeknd is no one else than 40, the in-house producer of Drake himself, so that might explain this whole cross-promotion thing they got going on.

And after releasing a couple of tracks here and there in the past few months, The Weeknd finally released yesterday its nine-track long debut mixtape, House of Balloons. To be honest, I was never the biggest fan of R&B in general, but this just hit the spot. Grab it below.

It's nothing personal vol. summer

With summer showing a little bit of itself, I've come to the shocking conclusion that last summer was pretty boring. If I'd actually sit down and think of why, I wouldn't be able to come up with a reasonable answer, but I know that I thought it was fairly boring; maybe it's the fact that I've grown tired of everything that was once new to my eyes when I first moved in this great big city. or maybe it's the fact that I'm growing up against all my better judgement, a late winter boredom, or the mix of everything, like I said, I don't really know.

One or two weeks ago, I was at my friends' house to get my drinks on before going out, and we decided to start a little group Chatroulette session and I have to say that having checked it by myself once or twice before that to see what the whole hype was about, doing it with a group of persons is ten times funnier if not even more. It was also the moment I had laugh the most in the past couple of months/year, it was just ridiculous, my stomach and head still hurts a little from laughing too hard, I won't go into details and what not, but the girl that was fronting our cam for us was just all out ahah, and man, why is there so many desperated persons just waiting to show their dicks, that shit is not right, not right at all. Anyway, my point is, I don't want this group Chatroulette thing to be the funniest shit I've done in the past recent months/year. It's not like I never do funny stuff, I do plenty, we do plenty, it's just that it seems to it became a whole routine thing, we go out, we do our thing, we get drunk, we sleep. It comes to a point where everything feels scripted. I've always been craving for new stuff, and it seems that we're stuck at a point where we're just asking ourselves: what else can we do? We got off alot of stuff without really noticing, but it seems that we didn't get back on other things to compensate. I don't know for my friends and what not, but it seems that I just stroll by.

And I'm bored of that, I was listening to my DJ friend stories this past weekend and I've realized that my repertoire of recent fucked-up stories was pretty short. I want unpredictable, I want randomness, I want some Chatroulette randomness incorporated back into my life, I want to go to France on an impulse and randomly go watch a local movie, I want to go watch people do their morning yoga on top of Mont-Royal with friends all while riding our bixi after getting drunk at four different places, I want to get kicked out of a bar only to climb it's roof to get back at the owner and watch what people look like at 3am on from a rooftop, I want to meet random BC girls at le Bluedog only to watch my friend get hit by a bus while going back home, I want to crash a wedding party, party with the guests and climb a three stories fire escape only to drop my glasses and iPhone. I want all sorts of things and I know a couple of my good friends reads my blog, therefor calling them out. let's make this summer a memorable one.